Our Story

Revolutionary Cannabis Coffee-BREWBUDZ

Our vision was to create a revolutionary product that would deliver a medical solution to patients in a beverage that was consumed and enjoyed as part of our daily life. The merging of cannabis and coffee delivered in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way invests us in the responsibility of caring for both our customers and the earth.


The Brewbudz product uses a patented process to take advantage of the cannabis flowers full benefits, allowing all the natural cannabinoids present in the flower to be consumed in your coffee. Our process insures that the organic natural cannabis flower is delivered to you in your morning coffee. Both good for you and good for the earth! The Brewbudz product is packaged in 100% compostable single brew pods to insure consistent quality coffee and accurate dispensing of active ingredients in a perfectly measured and convenient form.   100% natural from start to finish. Our product is designed for you to brew at your home or office in a Keurig style single serve coffee machine. After brewing you can dispose of the pod in your compost waste stream or recycle bin. Our product is BPI Certified for commercial composting. There is no guilt in our guilty pleasure!

At Brewbudz we are committed to finding sustainable solutions for our everyday personal choices. We are driven to support a minimalist lifestyle and carbon footprint. Our goal is to provide full life-cycle recycling and composting from the plant harvest to the disposal of our coffee grounds and packaging. We are committed to providing a healthy product that is natural, organic and environmentally responsible. We will continue to strive to introduce new products and solutions to further improve on our commitment to the five R’s: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot (compost). The recycling of organic materials to create compost is central to achieving healthy soils, clean water and a sustainable society. Our plan is to create programs in support of our commitment to composting.


The Brewbudz product is a responsible solution to a major ecological problem created from single serve coffee pods, the K-cup. Over 14 billion K-cups are sold annually and the plastics they are made from are not recyclable so end up in landfills. The ecological impact to our environment by K-cups is staggering. In February of 2016, Hamburg Germany banned K-cups from use in any government facility, more legislation is soon to follow. Brewbudz patented 100% compostable POD is a sensible solution to this environmental problem.   BREWBUDZ™ is a highly discrete cannabis delivery system, that will allow patients and consumers to enjoy the great taste and convenience of single-serve coffee without worrying about the environmental impact. The 100% compostable BREWBUDZ is compatible with all K-CUP®* brewers and is designed to go back to the earth. We are the good for you good for the earth company.


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100% compostable

single brew pod.