Good for you. Good for the Earth.

Introducing A Patented

100% Compostable

Single Serve Pod

Organic materials, including food scraps, paper, and paperboard products are the largest component of the trash in the United States and makes up two-thirds of the solid waste stream. When in a landfill, these materials lack the vital oxygen needed to expedite the decaying process. The organic matter instead releases methane gases which absorb the sun’s heat and warm the atmosphere. Recycling addresses the landfill problem but many k-cups are too small to be processed and may have materials making them impossible to recycle. Biodegradable products take years to breakdown and can release chemicals that are harmful to soil and plants in the process.


BrewBudz believes there is a solution to this serious problem. Composting. Under the right conditions, composting turns organic material that is typically known as “trash”, into a rich form of soil that is full of beneficial nutrients. Composting enriches soils which in turn protects watersheds, reduces climate impact and supports local economies.


Brewbudz is offering 100% compostable pods to offer both convenience and quality without worrying about the environmental impact. Scientists and world class experts got together to create the world’s only compostable mesh of its kind. The distinctive ring on every pod comes from the skin of roasted beans and the lid is a combination of compostable materials and inks. When composted correctly, the pod can break down in as little as 5 weeks, leaving no toxic residue.

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