Flower Based Edibles

Patented Process

BREWBUDZ ™ utilizes one of the few process patents issued to the cannabis industry. Through this process US Coffee can cost effectively extract THC, CBD and other plant compounds creating a cannabis or hemp enriched beverage. As an emulsified water based beverage BREWBUDZ ™ will deliver consumers a high quality experience that is not “Oil” based. Brewbudz will build a strong product offering to include coffee, tea and cocoa beverages. Our coffee and tea beverages will have Decaffeinated and Caffeinated versions in 10, 25 & 50 MG sizes. We will blend multiple types of cannabis to support a range of medical conditions.

Cannabis flower
Marijuana seedling

Flower Based Edible

BrewBudz is unique in the edible marketplace for cannabis infused products. Our product is the only edible that does not use oil derived through an extraction process. We don’t introduce any non-natural ingredients into the process and deliver the complete profile of the original plant directly to the consumer in a hot beverage. Our products are tested for potency at multiple stages during the manufacturing process. This insures the consistency and reliability of each dose to the consumer.


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